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The Global Leader in Functionalized Fibers

Welcome To The Future of Green Advanced Materials 

We Partner With Global Chemical Companies

Our customers are leaders in their respective industries

functionalized fibers

Functionalized Nanofibers

Function, Flow and Form

META Fibers (A Verdex Company) manufactures green advanced materials using a proprietary functionalization process that encapsulates nanoparticles and powders homogeneously within a matrix of nanofibers without the need for glues or binders. We do this by designing, developing, and manufacturing scalable, sustainable, highly functional fibers and smart materials using proprietary technology.

We are able to develop a library of solutions and functional prototypes fast and at low cost. We are currently working with leading global brands to deliver breakthrough products to their customers in CO2 Capture Materials for DAC, Battery Separator Materials, Aerospace Materials, Automotive Filtration, and PFAS Filtration Materials to name a few.

Our collaborative approach allow us to develop new advanced materials effectively and sustainably.

Particles Meet Profitable Products

META Fibers does extensive custom development and manufacturing for industry partners wanting to take their proprietary set of chemicals and particles, and package them into a finished products for specific applications and industries.


Owning an extensive trade secret portfolio for its process, along with numerous patents, META Fibers is now developing relationships with companies, industries and markets that can benefit from our very unique functionalization technology platform. If you have an idea or unmet need, we welcome you to challenge our engineering team to develop and manufacture a proprietary application for your company.

activated carbon

Sustainability & Circularity

Solvent Free Process

Solvent Free Process = Safer, lower cost, simple manufacturing.

Unavoidable up until now, electrospinning & other nanofiber processes involves the use of toxic, expensive, and complicated solvents to dissolve the polymers before subjecting to a high voltage.


META Fibers Solvent Free Process means a safer product and process, allowing for technology disruption in problematic areas in rapidly growing life sciences applications, such as advanced wound dressings, tissue engineering and drug delivery.


We're also significantly faster than electrospinning at 500 times the throughput, and also significantly cheaper (1/5th the cost), not to mention a significantly less complicated process.

green technology

Industries We Serve

META Fibers has and continues to develop the most innovative and reliable green advanced materials for the global industrial market. 

Our state-of-the-art META Fiber materials and technology can be applied in a wide range of different applications and are available in a variety of environments. Our META Fibers can be used to:

  • Capture CO2 by a phenomenon called physisorption, between a functional organic group of particles functionalized into a uniform web of media, and the CO2

  • Protect gas turbine blades by improving the filtration efficiency in gas turbine generators and for more effective pulsing by allowing surface filtration

  • To improve efficiency and extend lifetime of HVAC, automotive engine, liquid, dust collectors and various other applications.


We provide game-changing solutions to many industries, including the following:


Air Filtration
Automotive Filtration
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