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Bringing Life to Nanoparticles

META Fibers Unlocks The Enormous Potential
Of Nanoparticles

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Are You A Chemical Company?


META Fibers is working with some of the biggest chemical companies in the world on disruptive new products.


We take their unique set of resins, particles and polymers and turn them into high value consumer and industrial products that make peoples lives safer, healthier and more productive.


Need a Vehicle for Your Polymer?

Our technology can take any particle and give it a new lease of life using our proprietary functionalization process. 


Having worked with multiple chemical companies we understand that having the right delivery mechanism for a certain type of polymer blend makes all the difference in being able to offer customers and the market new first in class products.


We innovate alongside our customers, wherever they are — listening deeply and asking questions to ensure we understand, meet or exceed their expectations. 


Talk to us and turn your great concept into a commercial reality.

Developing proprietary advanced materials and solutions at the cutting edge of nanoscience requires the ability to innovate and adjust in a rapidly changing environment.

At META Fibers we help our customers develop new product concepts, and bring commercial scale to existing concepts that until now have only been possible at lab-scale.

Find Out How META Fibers® Can Help You

We’re part of your community, helping people and businesses around the world solve tough challenges.

We’re Ready To Help You.

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