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Technical Capabilities To Solve Our Customers’ Most Complex Challenges

We’re On A Mission To Deliver Products and Solutions That Will Help Keep Us Safe, and Healthy

META Fibers® Means META Change

Who Invented META Fibers

The core technology behind META Fibers was developed 11 years ago by our founder and Chief Scientist Dr Larry Marshall, PhD, a retired DuPont Research Fellow. Dr. Marshall was the principal inventor and developer of DuPont’s world-famous Tyvek® material.


What are META Fibers

Metafibers are a new class of functional fibers, that are created when combining nanoparticles and nanofibers, which causes them to capture gases, vocs, bacteria, viruses, contaminants, diseases, blood, plus a library of other desired applications.

Metafibers enable properties and capabilities within a fibrous structure which are generally not possible to create using conventional material discovery or specialty chemical manufacturing technologies. Metafibers gain their properties not as much from their raw material composition but from their end use application within the functionalization delivery method.

Our core technologies of rapid media design and fabrication by our proprietary melt-film fibrillation process, have enabled our scientists and engineers to produce some of the world’s newest and disruptive advanced library of advanced materials.


Our advanced structural design technologies and scalable manufacturing methods provide a path to broad commercial opportunities in aerospace, medical, authentication, automotive, batteries, energy and other industries.

Dr. Larry Marshall


Materials Science Innovation

At META Fibers, our curiosity, creativity and collaboration ignite the development of advanced materials and new technologies that improve lives and industries.


We innovate with purpose to solve some of our customers’ — and the world’s — greatest challenges.

META Fibers prides itself with having the top engineering specialists who provide solutions to the vast engineering and manufacturing challenges that exist today and in the future.

With a broad range of core technologies, while implementing revolutionary designs and innovation, META Fibers has placed itself at the forefront of new game changing technologies for a rapidly changing world.

Having customers as a priority, META Fibers is always striving to be the leading player in emerging technologies and products so it can guarantee it is at the cutting edge of future technology development and innovation.

The world is changing rapidly bringing with it various new technology struggles and challenges in which META Fibers finds itself excellently positioned to innovate and produce technology that revolutionizes the way the future unfolds.


Not An Electrospinning Company

At the foundation of our META Fibers process is nanotechnology. When people hear the use of nanotech to produce nanofibers they will usually associate nanofibers to electrospinning. We are not an electrospinning company, far from it in fact.

The Process

Electrospinning uses toxic, expensive, and complicated solvents to produce its nanofibers which is extremely harmful to the environment. META Fibers does not use any solvents in its process. The META Fibers proprietary process relies on completely green processes to produce its nanofibers.

The Product

Electrospinning produces a flat 2D membrane media, that resembles a film. It does not have any depth to it, so its uses and applications are limited. META Fibers nanofibers are very different in that they are 3D in nature, and have a lot of depth to them, opening up a host of other high value applications where electrospinning could not and never will be able to compete i.e. liquid filtration, high efficiency air filtration, hygiene core material, technical textiles, battery separator media. META Fibers can also make a membrane/film product very easily by varying the process conditions.

The Throughput / The Speed

Electrospinning is incredibly slow at around 0.04kg/hr/m, and is not a true viable commercial process based on needing large quantities of media. The META Fibers process on the other hand is 1000 times faster than electrospinning at 50kg/hr/m throughput, making it the fastest nanofiber technology in the world. So if you need new disruptive products made at lightening speed, using the latest disruptive nanofiber technology, then you need look no further.

The Results

There really is no comparison in terms of comparing electrospinning to META Fibers. META Fibers is now the world's leading functionalized nanofiber platform technology that is making peoples lives safer, healthier and more productive.

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Nanofiber Technology

Collaboration and Experimentation

We believe in the potential of each individual and the diverse perspectives and collaboration found in small teams. There is a space and place for every innovator at META Fibers.

As an extension of our culture, we take pride in working with our customers to meet their most technically challenging problems.


We innovate alongside our customers, wherever they are — listening deeply and asking questions to ensure we understand, meet or exceed their expectations.

This collaborative approach, combined with our natural curiosity, spirit of discovery and courage to take risks, drive us to develop new technology and create new products.

As long as there are opportunities to solve complex problems using our advanced materials, there will always be new developments and innovative products from Gore.

META Fibers Innovators

Damien Deehan


  • Degree in Engineering

  • Entrepreneur, founder, CEO, investor, and business mentor

  • 15+ years’ experience in tech start-ups, consulting, sales management and leadership in EU/US

1617369966944 NEW_edited.jpg
Thomas Dwyer


  • Graduate from VCU with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

  • 7 years of design experience in Systems Engineering

  • Practiced in Design for Manufacturing

  • Inventor on 2 US patents

  • Proficient in Computer Aided Design and Analysis to aid in development of new technologies

  • Lead engineering teams while practicing lean manufacturing techniques

Brad Higgins


  • Experienced venture capitalist (JUMP/Uber)

  • 20+ years as Senior Public Finance Investment Banker– Goldman Sachs  & Credit Suisse

  • Former Assistant Secretary of State and CFO of the US Department of State

  • Strong background in public sector initiatives

Greg New_edited.jpg
Gregory Meisoll

Chief Technician

  • Graduate from VCU with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

  • Worked on various robotics projects

  • Keen interest in nanofiber technology

Dr. Larry Marshall

Founder / Chief Scientist

  • 30 + years DuPont Experience

  • DuPont Fellow, at du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc.

  • Key player in the development of Tyvek®

  • Author of 127 internal research notebooks and 53 internal research reports

  • Inventor on 20 issued US patents

Mike Bryner PhD

R&D / IP Advisor

  • Clarkson University, B.S. 1966, M.S. 1970, Ph.D. 1973

  • Held a Senior Technical Position at Dupont

  • Expert in the field of fiber spinning

  • Holds degrees in Chemical Engineering

  • Retired in 2005 from DuPont after nearly 32 years of process and product research

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