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A Revolution In Green Functional Materials

We Developed A Green Functionalization Technology That No One Else Could

The New Standard In Fibers

META Fiber Process

green technology

META Fibers has developed a configurable process that can be tailored to a customers specific needs. The META Fiber Process® is a patented non-solvent, fibrillated film process for making nano-micro fibers and attaching functionalizing particles to the fibers during the spinning process.

Nanoparticle Meets Nanofiber

A property of fibers is their specific surface area. That is a measure of the mass per surface of a fiber drawn through a cylindrical approximation. META Fibers produce nano-scale fibers, with diameters under 1 micrometer, producing a larger surface area to volume ratio, which directly translates to a larger surface area to mass ratio.

The specific surface area of the fiber increases as the diameter decreases. This allows our fibers to have a higher contact area for particulate bonding, while also obscuring less of the surface area of any functional particulate.


When we add a functional particles, we look at bonding functional chemicals to our fibers during the production and securely holding them. Our technology uniquely allows us to do this without compromising the particulate surface area with glues or laminating compounds, and also removes the need for suspending the particulates in a solution or slurry.

green technology

Bio-Based Polymers

The META Fibers Process allows us to make fibers from biodegradable polymers such as PLA and Nylon 11. META Fibers can also spin recycled bottles into nanofiber materials. This all means:


  • Less pollution

  • Less Waste

  • Healthier Oceans

  • Healthier Animals

  • Cleaner Planet

Work With Any Polymer

META Fibers has the ability to spin a variety of other polymers such as:

  • PBT

  • PET

  • PP

  • PE

  • PET

  • Nylon 66

  • Nylon 12

  • And others

This versatility combined with a unique ability to simultaneously spin multiple polymers without using solvents provides unprecedented flexibility

green polymers

Patented First In Class Materials

META Fibers is part of the Verdex Technologies brand, and has been granted a patent for its novel Two Phase® nanofiber fabrication method capable of producing a wide range of polymeric non-woven materials using a solvent-free, high throughput process.  US8668854.

Verdex has also been granted a patent for a unique Coform® process whereby nanofibers can be impregnated with nanoparticles providing unique functionalities such as super-absorbency of liquids, anti-bacterial properties, electrical or heat conductivity or resistance to chemicals.  US8808594.


Additionally, Verdex has several patents pending and will be filing further related patents in the coming months.

Find Out How META Fibers® Can Change Your Industry

Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through your challenge. 

We’re part of your community, helping people and businesses around the world solve tough challenges.

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