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VerdexAir® In Schools and Universities Will Change The Future

VerdexAir® Is A Specialist In Air Filtration, Protecting and Enhancing Students Lives Through Healthy Air. 

Making Healthy Air Part of the Curriculum 

Providing VerdexAir®
to Students

Covid-19 presents a significant problem for the education sector. The WHO asserts that the chief threat of transmission is airborne.


In crowded indoor spaces, like in schools, that threat is amplified, particularly when students are in the same room together for an extended period of time or when enhanced aerosol generation is likely, for example through singing, projected speech and aerobic activity.

However, the scale of the problem is not matched by unlimited budgets. Many school and university buildings are magnificent in terms of architecture, yet chronically under-ventilated. Others are listed, demanding bespoke and costly retrofits.


Competing priorities, such as structural repairs, may make a complete overhaul of ventilation systems an impossibility.


The Old HVAC Building Challenge

In 2014, the National Center for Education Statistics surveyed a sample of school districts and estimated that the average age of the nation’s school buildings was 55 years old.

Additionally, nearly one-fourth of the nation’s schools have one or more buildings in need of extensive repair or replacement, and nearly half have been reported to have problems related to indoor healthy air.

Students need protection as they spend more than 1,300 hours in a school building each year. Poor air quality in schools and universities has been linked with problems in concentration, increased asthma, generally lowered health, and reduced academic performance. Ensuring clean air is vital not only to children’s growth and wellbeing.

The Technical Solution -
HEPA Upgrade for HVAC Systems

Verdex is the only company that can make a HEPA level filter that captures 99.9% of viruses, compatible with current HVAC handling units within Schools and Universities.

The new, highly effective VerdexAir® HEPA level filters have been specifically optimized for use in Schools and Universities, to ensure healthy air in all indoor spaces.


Save Millions in Retrofit Costs

Our VerdexAir® HEPA upgrade solution for HVAC systems are the perfect choice for old hospital buildings where it would millions/billions to upgrade. Our products enable you to upgrade existing systems with HEPA filters using our proprietary nanofiber technology. They massively improve contamination protection, and give peace of mind to your all your students, employees, and visitors.


Save Millions in Energy Costs

The life cycle cost of a filter can be broken down as depicted. The initial investment includes the capital cost of the filter, frame and installation, and contributes about 6%.


Further costs to be considered are maintenance cost, which represents the cost of replacement filters and labor, and cost to dispose of the used filters.


By far the largest cost contribution however, is the energy cost of the system necessary to power the fan, making up 76% of the total cost.

Energy consumption of a VerdexAir® Filter made from Verdex 3D nanofibers is approximately 40% lower than with a traditional HEPA filter of the same efficiency rating.


This energy savings directly translates into a 60% cost savings, allowing significant monetary savings potential for building installations requiring a multitude of filters.

Verdex PieChart (1).png

Virus Free Buildings

In times of a pandemic, the regular filter set-up will no longer be sufficiently effective. Standard HVAC filters are not designed to safely capture viruses and bacteria. 

VerdexAir® provides innovative Nanofiber HEPA level filtration that captures 99.9% of viruses.


Healthy Air can become a reality without major system changes or reconfigurations or downtimes.

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Damien Verdex (33).png
Damien Verdex (33).png
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Help Your Buildings Make The Grade With VerdexAir®

Reduces absenteeism for students and staff

Reduces building deterioration and improves energy efficiency

Reduces outside air ventilation requirements

Promotes healthy environments for people with allergies and asthma

Reduces liabilities

Reduce operational cost by reducing the energy need

Protect Air Handling Units and equipment against contamination

We Know How to Deliver Healthy Air to Your Educational Building

Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through filter retrofits. 

We’re part of your community, helping schools and universities around the world to breathe Healthy Air.

We’re Ready To Help You.

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