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VerdexAir® Keeps The World Moving

Whether on land or at sea, a VerdexAir® solution helps get you there safely!

Moving Healthy Air Around the World

VerdexAir® Transport

VerdexAir® Vehicle Manufacturing


Wherever you’re painting, cutting, sanding, grinding or welding, you need to protect your process, your products and your operators. Keep up to speed with superior air filtration for automotive, aerospace and other vehicle manufacturing processes.

The manufacturing process involves working with a range of materials from leather and plastic to wood and steel. This creates huge build-ups of dust and contaminants that place a strain on basic air filtration systems.

VerdexAir® Railways

Most passenger journeys take place in urban areas where air pollution and emission levels are high. This means that train cabins can become unhealthy places containing harmful substances.

VerdexAir® cabin air filters fulfill highest quality standards and reliably protect employees and passengers from harmful pollutants and airborne contaminants like odors or pollen and as a result reduce sickness and absence. By using VerdexAir® filters you can offer the best possible air quality in train cabins.

VerdexAir® Airplanes

First of all, the air planes themselves are major contributors to high levels of air pollution inside and outside of the airport building. The airplane engines releasing harmful exhaust gases, e.g. from burned kerosene as well as other unpleasant odors, the tire wear as a result of the high speed and weight of the airplanes transporting passengers, luggage or cargo, do all result in high loads of unwanted pollution
A second major external source of pollution are the numerous buses bringing passengers or flight crews from one terminal to the other or directly to the taxiway and airplane. Taxies, catering trucks, luggage or catering vehicles, they all produce, tire wear, brake dust and engine emissions. And this happens very closely to the air intakes of the airport buildings. For sure these harmful pollutants should never enter your facility unfiltered.


VerdexAir® Maritime

Filtration is a key technology to operate transport ships and cruise ships safely and efficiently.

In recent decades, shipping traffic on the world's oceans has been increasing significantly. This is on the one hand due to increasing volumes of goods and merchandise transported and on the other hand to the rising popularity enjoyed by the cruise industry.

VerdexAir® Cruises

Nowadays, taking week-long cruises on luxurious mega ships has become a trend among many people. These holidaymakers as well as the crew are exposed to harmful pollutants in the air while relaxing in their private cabin, while enjoying their dinner in the ship´s public restaurants and or during workout in the ship´s fitness facilities.

The air pollutants can be manifold: the exhaust from the engine, nitrogen oxide, ozone and many more. Air filtration solutions from VerdexAir® make sure travellers and crew can breathe properly filtered air within the ship´s indoor spaces.

Especially at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, virus outbreaks on cruise ships were often broadcasted on the daily news. As a result, some cruise ships were no longer allowed to dock in the harbor and let the passengers off the ship.

Special HEPA filtration solutions, may they be built in the ship´s existing infrastructure of Heating Ventilation and Cooling Sytstems (HVAC) or into mobile air purification systems, can help people stay safe and prevent viruses from spreading. HealthyAir™ offers both solution approaches.


The Old HVAC Challenge

The HVAC systems in many modes of transport were never designed do deal with the air pressure (high pressure drop) required to push air thru HEPA-level filters needed to stop viruses.

As such, current transport HVAC systems cannot handle the HEPA filtration needed to capture viruses without burning out the air handling systems, to do so, will require major costly upgrades.

This lack of a cost-effective solution is why the CDC and other organizations are recommending only going from a MERV 8 to MERV 13, which current HVAC systems can handle.

Unfortunately, MERV 13 is simply not an acceptable level of filtration to capture viruses needed to make current modes of transport safe.

The Technical Solution -
HEPA Upgrade for HVAC Systems

Verdex is the only company that can make a HEPA level filter that captures 99.9% of viruses, compatible with current HVAC handling units within most modes of transport.

The new, highly effective VerdexAir® HEPA level filtration solutions has been specifically optimized for use in Vehicle Manufacturing, Railways, Cruise ships, Airplanes and all types of transport industry.


Save Millions in Retrofit Costs

Our VerdexAir® HEPA upgrade solution for HVAC systems are the perfect choice for old buildings where it would millions to upgrade. Our products enable you to upgrade existing systems with HEPA filters using our proprietary nanofiber technology. They massively improve contamination protection, and give peace of mind to your all your employees, passengers and visitors.


Save Millions in Energy Costs

The life cycle cost of a filter can be broken down as depicted. The initial investment includes the capital cost of the filter, frame and installation, and contributes about 6%.


Further costs to be considered are maintenance cost, which represents the cost of replacement filters and labor, and cost to dispose of the used filters.


By far the largest cost contribution however, is the energy cost of the system necessary to power the fan, making up 76% of the total cost.

Energy consumption of a VerdexAir® Filter made from Verdex 3D nanofibers is approximately 40% lower than with a traditional HEPA filter of the same efficiency rating.


This energy savings directly translates into a 60% cost savings, allowing significant monetary savings potential for building installations requiring a multitude of filters.

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Virus Free Travel

In times of a pandemic, the regular filter set-up will no longer be sufficiently effective. Standard HVAC filters are not designed to safely capture viruses and bacteria. 

VerdexAir® provides innovative Nanofiber HEPA level filtration that captures 99.9% of viruses.


Healthy Air can become a reality without major system changes or reconfigurations or downtimes.

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VerdexAir® Upgrade Summary

Protect employees, passengers, and visitors against viral infections

Reduce operational cost by reducing the energy need

Protect Air Handling Units and equipment against contamination

We Know How to Deliver Healthy Air to Your Transport Hub

Whether you want to help protect your workers by creating a healthier environment, or reduce your energy costs, we’ll work with you to customize a solution to meet your needs.

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