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A VerdexAir® Solution Improves Efficiency and Protects Equipment

Avoid downtimes in your business by using reliable air filtration solutions

Powering Healthy Air


Superior VerdexAir® Performance

Filter performance ultimately comes down to the inherent characteristics of the filter media. The most important factors to consider when selecting a filter are efficiency, hydrophobicity, initial differential pressure (dP) and long-term dP (lifetime). 

Only VerdexAir® Filters can offer industry-leading performance in all of these categories at once. This performance has been proven globally in the most challenging environments and delivers a positive economic ROI on gas turbines large and small.

Understanding HEPA

HEPA is a classification of air filters. HEPA filters provide the highest level of filtration efficiency in the gas turbine industry. The grade of efficiency is determined by the most penetrating particle size (MPPS), which is the particle size most difficult for the filter to capture.


These classifications are described in the European Standard EN 1822. VerdexAir® Filters meet the filter classification of E12 according EN 1822 and have a minimum efficiency of 99.5% for the MPPS. By contrast, E10 filters capture only 85% of the MPPS. Other non-HEPA filter solutions may only capture 50% or even less.


VerdexAir® vs Alternatives

Not all HEPA filters deliver the same performance in the same applications or environmental conditions.

There are many variations of HEPA filter media being used in today’s gas turbine industry.  Because these media types are composed of different fibers and layers, they work differently across various applications.


The filter media in VerdexAir® Filters is a nanofiber layer that keeps fine particles, dirty water and salt out of the gas turbine.

Key differences are
noted in the following:

  • Efficiency

  • Filter lifetime

  • Material strength

  • Initial dP and long-term dP

  • Filter durability

  • Maximum dP limit

  • Water tightness


Why VerdexAir® E12 vs. E11 or E10 Filter Classifications

E12 HEPA filters block >99.9%, allowing <0.5%, effectively eliminating compressor fouling. The combination of hydrophobicity and high-efficiency filtration found in VerdexAir® Filters is key to protecting the turbine.

E10 HEPA filters only block 85% of the particles known to cause compressor fouling, allowing 15% to enter the turbine — significantly reducing compressor efficiency.


Additionally, most E10 filters don’t eliminate water. Water carries salt (corrosion) and dirt (fouling) into the clean side of the turbine or compressor.

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VerdexAir® Upgrade Summary

Better Efficiencies

Longer Filter Life

Less Energy Cost

We Know How to Deliver Healthy Air to Your Oil and Gas Plant

Draw on our deep technical experience to guide you through filter retrofits. 

We’re part of your community, helping Power Plants around the world to breathe Healthy Air.

We’re Ready To Help You.

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